Conditions and Terms

Sorena Terms Of Services:

Dear user, please consider the following points carefully to use the services of the Sorena website optimally. Users are required to log up on the website and placing the order at any time means that the user has fully accepted all conditions and terms of the Sorena website

General Terms:

Please consider that all the principles and procedures of Sorena Company are in by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The law of electronic commerce, and the law of protection of consumer rights, and subsequently, the user is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user.

Electronic Communications:

To inform about events, services, or promotions Sorena can send emails or SMS to website members. Users who don't want to receive these emails or SMS can unsubscribe from the newsletter in their profile. Notice that 01000551451 is the only number through which Sorena SMS are sent to users and customers. Therefore, sending an SMS from or under the concession of Sorena, with any other number, is an infraction and abuse of Sorena's exclusive name, and if you receive such an SMS, please notify “” for legal follow-up. Also, Kaveh Negar is an SMS-sending system that informs users about the order processing status, and it is clear that it is not possible to receive your messages through this number.

Privacy Policy:

Sorena Brand, respects and protects the private information of the people who use the site's services, and undertakes to protect your privacy as much as possible, and it has the technology to be user-friendly in this regard. You can show your satisfaction with this approach by using the Sorena website. All of the available content through any of Sorena's services, such as logos, trademarks, text, descriptions, graphics, logos, images, and copy, data, and all of the contents that are created by Sorena is considered as a part of Sorena's property. The rights to use and publish all the existing contents are the property of Sorena exclusively, and any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right of prosecution for Sorena.

Registering, Proccessing and Sending The Order:

In Iran working day means Saturday to Thursday of every week, excluding local and public holidays. The registered orders are processed during working days and the first day after the holiday. Sorena allows its customers to communicate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. All the registered orders on the Sorena website are placed in the processing queue by sending the order code via text message and the invoice via email. Sorena always takes utmost care and effort in sending and delivering all registered orders. Despite this, if the products run out of stock, Sorena would reserve the right to cancel the order or refund it even after the customer registers the order.

سورنا انتخاب برتر

Sorena company is one of the largest and most significant distributors active in the cosmetic, hygienic food, and pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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